Walking Out Of The Wrong Door In This House Could Lead To Your Arrest!

Posted by Editorial Staff in History On 4th July 2017

A house in Vermont borders Canada. In order to not risk immediate arrest, residents need to have their passports on them when they leave their home.


A fine line

What was once known as the Old Stone Store and Post Office, is now a house divided not only into 5 apartments but also divided on land. Built in 1782 by a man that wanted to be able to sell to both the United States and Canada. The home is located at 3155 Beebe Rd., Derby, VT 05830 and sits both on United States and Canadian land.


Brian and Joan DuMoulin

Brian and his wife Joan are standing on either side of the United States and Canadian border. You can see the small stone pillar in front of the steps that mark the exact spot where the countries meet.


Doors must remain locked at all times

The home has entrances on both sides of the border. However, Brian and his wife can't just enter or exit through any door. Border patrol agents that "know" the DuMoulin's don't really give them too hard of a time, but one time a "new" Canadian border patrol agent who didn't know the DuMoulin's, who were standing just a few feet from the border, ordered them to go to the Canadian border post.

Brian said, "If there is an awkwardness, it's that you can't just go this way or this way, you've got to go through [the ports of entry] and then back through."

Need your passport

Brian DuMoulin explains that this door must never be gone through because doing so would put you in Canada. Behind the door is also a fence that is wired shut. You actually need a passport to go through that door.


Meal time

Imagine preparing a meal in the United States and sitting down in Canada to eat it. The taped line on the floor shows where the room divides. The DuMoulin's are in their 70's now and he sleeps in a room on the Canadian side she sleeps in a room on the United States side. Brian's Aunt and Uncle did the same thing.

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