Wanted Fugitive Gets Arrested After Applying For Job At NJ Sheriff's Office

By Samantha in Fails On 11th October 2022

Zyeama Y. Johnson, 27, an alleged fugitive wanted has been arrested after she applied for the wrong job.

Johnson got arrested on October 4 and one would be shocked after hearing how she landed herself in trouble with the law. The fugitive apparently applied to work for the Hudson County Sheriff's Office in northeast New Jersey, a department that specializes in finding people who are wanted for outstanding warrants.

Hudson County Sheriff

A detective for the Hudson County Sheriff's Office told Newsweek:

She applied for a job as a security guard. Obviously, as part of the background check process, we run them for warrants.

As the sheriff's office received the application, a simple background check showed that Johnson had an active bench warrant in Pennsylvania's Monroe County for failure to appear in court on fraud charges, as well as 10 bench warrants in Jersey City, New Jersey, for failure to appear on traffic charges, the Jersey Journal reported.

Zyeama Y. Johnson/Hudson County Sheriff's Office
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The sheriff's office spokesperson said:

At that point, we called her in for an interview—or rather what she thought was an interview—and we took her into custody.

Failure to appear in court is a misdemeanor in many states, which can lead to consequences including a jail sentence, fines and driver's license suspension, according to legal publisher Nolo.

The charges of bail jumping can apply when the defendant who is on bail fails to show up in court. In addition, a person who fails to obey a court order can also be charged with contempt of court.

After her arrest, police also conducted a routine check of Johnson's property and found two credit cards that they believed to be stolen, said a spokesperson.

She was later charged with credit card theft.

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The sheriff's office also found that Johnson was a former employee of the United States Postal Service. Detectives contacted the United States Postal Investigative Service, which has launched its own investigation.

Asked why Johnson would have applied for a job with the sheriff's office as a fugitive from justice, the spokesperson said, "We don't know."

Johnson is currently housed at the Hudson County Correctional Facility, pending her extradition to Pennsylvania.