Watch What Happens When A Phone Battery Is Poked With A Knife... YOWZA!

By Michael Avery in Science and Technology On 15th October 2015


We've all heard about the potential dangers of cell phone exposure.

While many will dismiss these claims, one has to remember that cell phones are a relatively new technology which continually change. Back in the day they used to weigh nearly 5 pounds when Motorola came out with the first handheld device back in 1974. Businessmen in the 80's were seen with briefcases which they would carry around, housing their huge mobile phones. Even today cell phones are continuing to evolving as they become smaller and now the trend is a larger style phone, some even resembling a mini tablet.

Radio frequency and electromagnetic energies emanating from these phones are some of the major health concerns. There was even a story about a woman who carried her phone in her bra for several years and ended up with cancer in that exact area!


Nevertheless concerns are still downgraded, even from the National Institute of Cancer states who state, "Although there have been some concerns that radio frequency energy from cell phones held closely to the head may affect the brain and other tissues, to date there is no evidence from studies of cells, animals, or humans that radio frequency energy can cause cancer."

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Well I don't think there is any disputing what can happen when you use blunt force to damage the lithium battery in a cell phone. This YouTuber actually stabbed his phone battery with a knife and the results are indeed shocking. If this can happen, it makes you wonder what other potential dangers exist with this technology that seems to continue to evolve faster than we can properly study it.