We Are Living In A Wonderful World - These Images Hold Beauty, Terror And Love All Together

By Editorial Staff in Amazing On 28th September 2015

#1 A Revelation By Autopsy

King Tut's 'virtual autopsy' revealed that he had girlish hips, buck teeth, and a club foot. It was found that his parents were brother and sister and that may have become the reason of his medical conditions.

#2 A Deadly Feast

Japanese eat blowfish which is which is more poisonous than cyanide up to 200 times. Special license is required to cut Fugu. About 23 people have died since 2000 after eating poorly cut Fugu.

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#4 A Watch Of Reminder

This watch is the property of Akito Kawagoe. In 1945, it stopped exactly at 8:15 at the time of Hiroshima explosion.

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#5 Meet Tsutomu Yamaguchi – Survivor Of Both Atomic Blasts

The atomic blast at Hiroshima in 1945 and spent the night in the air-raid shelter. Next morning he got the train to Nagasaki so he could reach his job on time and survived another blast there.

#6 One Strong Plant

This bonsai is 400 years old and also survived Hiroshima Bombing.

#7 Recognize This Place?

This is Hitler's office where fates of so many people have been decided.

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#8 Fate Of The Nazis

These were the leading Nazis and written with them were their fates at Nuremberg war crimes trials

#9 One Unique Subway

It is located in Stockholm and I bet you haven't seen any subway like that before.

#10 Destroyers!

These are the gun ammunition of the Russian 125mm tank; think of the destruction they may cause.

#11 Mountain of Bison Skulls

This 1870's picture is showing a mountain of bison skulls. The killing of these animals was initiated by the government to lead the Native American tribes to starve who consumed them as their major food.

#12 What Aging Can Do!

Both pictures are of Renee Zellweger; but her appearance is surely different now.

#13 Our Future!

This is paper USB which is easy to carry and has made our lives even easier.

#14 Genghis Khan Statue in Mongolia

It is the gigantic statue of 40 meter and it has been said that it is the place where Genghis Khan found a golden whip.

#15 Love For The Country!

When you are patriotic, your every practice is showing it.

#16 Beautiful It Is!

It is the picture of night fishing in China and captured by Yury Pustovoy.

#17 Shadow Is Telling A Lie!

This is the shadow art by two masterminds Tim Noble and Sue Webster.

#18 Bavarian town of Nordlingen

What's different is that this town is built in a meteor impact crater which is 14 million year old.