We Are So Ready To See More Male Plus Sized Models

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Fashion On 28th October 2017

We all know that women suffer from issues with body image and body confidence. It has been a huge topic across social media. There is so much pressure to get in shape and be more like the models that are portrayed in film, tv, social media and in the music industry. It is affecting people nowadays more than ever. However, this problem no longer solely affects women. Men are also facing the very same struggles.



The fashion industry has been criticized for years when it comes to their models. The biggest complaint is that they have always been "too thin." In recent years, the fashion industry has slowly been working in plus-sized models giving a platform for those of us who are not the "ideal size" for modeling.

Models Ashley Graham and Iskra Lawrence are great examples about how society is not always fixated on a certain body size or shape, but what about the men. Muscular bodies and washboard abs? There is plenty of pressure on men to also have the perfect image.



Meet Raul Samuel who is a 25-year-old plus size model from north London who has recently made it his full-time job. Raul says he found it frustrating that there was no one out there shaped the way that he was making it hard for him to stay current with the latest styles.



Raul believes there is way too much pressure for men and women to look a certain way. He says the rise of social media is only making things worse. Too many people want to be like "Instagram models" and the pressures are real. He goes on to say how he sees children getting bullied and having issues with their shapes and sizes because they do not look like the models we see normally.

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