Weed-Infused Gravy Exists, So Prepare To Be High During Thanksgiving Dinner

By Abdul Rafay in Food On 22nd November 2022

Ever wished Thanksgiving dinner was more joyful and enabling? Possibly a less stressful and forced gathering?

Everybody has experienced cringe-worthy situations that are specific to the holiday, such as the large meal with awkward (and frequently intrusive) family conversations interrupted by the stoic silences of long-married couples, the inebriated aunt who is telling crude jokes on her seventh glass of Chardonnay, and the belligerent uncle who (every year) will recount every fifth-grade misdemeanor you've ever been accused of.


Not to mention the passionate sports enthusiast who refuses to attend the Thanksgiving meal since it is just "gameday" and sits on the sofa opposite the screen. Be damned the turkey, stuffing, and Brussels sprouts.

But just that should be anticipated. After all, no family gathering is "perfect" in every single way.

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To be fair, there are plenty of Thanksgiving gatherings that are filled with happiness, affection, and laughter as well as lengthy, in-depth conversations.

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But if you actually end up in a less-than-perfect Thanksgiving situation, Kiva Confections, the California cannabis firm famous for its gourmet chocolates, candies, and mints, is ready to help. The company is launching its first savory product, a very little amount of THC-infused gravy. Only 135 single-serving packages totaling a limited amount were produced.

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“Kiva’s aim is to make cannabis as accessible and mainstream as the likes of wine or craft beer,” Kristi Palmer, Kiva’s co-founder, said. “And what’s more mainstream than Thanksgiving? The gravy was, in many ways, an easy target. It excited our team to work on something so seemingly ordinary and yet so novel in cannabis.” 

The gravy only costs $5 a package and is the easiest thing to make out of everything. Additionally, it works quickly; according to Kiva, it takes two to fifteen minutes to reach the mellow zone. 

You can choose to share it with the rest of the table or keep it all to yourself by simply mixing one packet of turkey gravy powder with one cup of water. In addition, each meal contains a fixed quantity of 10mg, so there is no need to play guessing games.

What about the flavor, though? Knowing Kiva, it is guaranteed that taste won't be sacrificed for effectiveness. Therefore, there is absolutely no risk that it will taste like cardboard. Or diluted versions of the special pan drippings your aunt Ruth makes.


“Kiva’s gravy uses traditional Thanksgiving ingredients like turkey stock, salt, onion, and garlic because we wanted to create a familiar taste with an uncommon ingredient: cannabis,” Palmer said. “We used an outside partner to make the product fast-acting, which really streamlined the development process. From start to finish, the gravy was ready in just a few short months…and with 10mg of THC, we also felt confident that if one person were to consume the full serving, they would still have a positive experience.”

“It utilizes individually encapsulated molecules, which radically transforms the THC. Not only are these molecules isolated from others they might interact with, but they are also small enough to be absorbed directly into the body’s endocannabinoid receptors, one molecule at a time,” Palmer says. “As a result, Kiva’s Turkey Gravy is among the most bioavailable edibles today. The onset of effects is expected within 15 minutes—versus traditional edibles’ typical onset of 90 minutes or longer. The resulting experience is predictable, precisely dosed, and controllable.”