Weird Miracle Of Nature – A Male Mother

By Editorial Staff in Amazing On 16th November 2013


The strange reproductive process of a seahorse begins when a male and a female meet up and “dance”. For several days prior to the actual act of mating, the two fishes (yes, they are fishes!) meet to intertwine their tails and swim together. They also like to roam around sea grass and spend more time there together, which we can easily label as dating as both are getting ready for mating.

Female slims down after she lays eggs, and on the hand when the male receives the eggs, he bloats up..  Depending on the species of the seahorses this mating session lasts around 8 hours during which the mating couple transfers thousands of eggs.

Male seahorse later fertilizes the eggs in his belly pouch with his sperms. He can give birth to minimum 8 and maximum 200 creatures when his pouch explodes to give birth to baby seahorses known as ‘fry’.