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Posted by Michael Avery in Funny On 24th June 2018

#1 Going off to college is a big deal.

When you leave for college it can be a shock to the system. So much changes and you have to adjust to living on your own. That's why it's a good idea to bring a few comforts from home with you. This mom has the right idea lol.


#2 Dog lovers your time is now!

What a time to be alive! Who needs kids when you can own a dog. No back talking, no getting them up for school, no paying for college. Dogs are just so much better.


#3 What a punny name.

What's the opposite of a happy Afghan? Well, take a look for yourself. Don't judge me because I think this is hilarious!

#4 Are you serious?

So you have been waiting all day to have some intimate time with your mate and then you finally get ready to get it on and boom they are asleep! What a revolting situation!


#5 Pizza is everything!

Pizza makes every situation better. Even during bedtime. Add in a side of ranch to dip it in and you have your own little bit of heaven right here at home.

#6 Yay we have a life!

Isn't it wonderful to be invited to things and have friends? It doesn't mean that you are actually going or that you will hang out with said friends but it's still nice to know that people are thinking of you.


#7 Well, you know...

If people are going to lower their standards that much then I guess this analogy works. I just don't see anyone stooping that low.


#8 What would you like for dinner honey?

Heck yeah if my wife was making millions of dollars I would be a stay at home husband. I'd do pretty much anything she said. Wouldn't you?