What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

Posted by Muk Khatri in Facts and DIY On 14th April 2018

#1 Large Handwritng

People who have large handwriting exhibit "SOCIABILITY".


#2 Vertical Handwriting

People who write vertically have "STABILITY".


#3 Inclined To The Right Writing

People having their writing strongly inclined to the right have a very "BIG HEART".

#4 Curved Writing

People who write in a curved style are very "SENSITIVE" and full of "KINDNESS".


#5 Thick Writing

Thick handwriting shows "STRENGTH OF WILL" and "DELIGENCE" of that person.

#6 Sprawl Writing

People with sprawl writing have an "ENERGETIC NATURE" but they are very "CURIOUS".

#7 Straight Line Writing

People who write in a straight line have "TRANQUILLITY" and have a very good common sense.

#8 Wavy or Irregular Writng

People who write in wavy style are full of "RESOURCEFULNESS".

#9 Bottom To Top Writing

People who write from bottom to top are "OPTIMIST".

#10 Round Signature

People with round signature styles are very "KIND", "SOFT NATURE" and full of "CALMNESS".

#11 Straight Signature

People who signs in a straight style are "RESTRAINT" and have good "STABILITY".

#12 Long Signature

People who have long signature are "STUBBORN" and "PERSISTENCE".

#13 Short Signature

People who do short signs are "IMPATIENT".