What Does Your Sleeping Position Tell About Your Personality?

By Sughra Hafeez in Amazing On 6th October 2015

#1 Take your pick

#2 Fetal, the child in the womb

Also called Pillow Huggers, they are shy and sensitive on the inside, however tough they may seem. They tend to over-think and worry too much, more than is required. Sometimes people who are lonely inside also tend to sleep this way.

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#3 Yearner

Just like the position, they are open and inviting to all, but are also cynical, suspicious of everyone. Also, they are very picky and slow with decision making, but once decided they stick to it stubbornly too.

#4 Soldier, attention!

Strong and disciplined, they take everyone and everything seriously, not the regular chit-chat person. They are silent and observant and have very high expectations with themselves and others.

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#5 Log, attention, turn sideways

Looks stiff, in attention sideways, these people socialize with everyone, but do have preferences. They are easy going and trusting. They are also easy to persuade because of the trusting nature.

#6 Starfish, DaVinci's Vitruvian Man Starfish, DaVinci's Vitruvian Man

As if going to hug the whole world, they are very good and loyal friends, and can do to lengths for their own. They will give support and every help to most and are keepers. And are also the rarest of people, yes it is the least favorite style and personality too.

#7 Freefaller, the adventurous divers

The most dynamic of all, they are adventurous and take risks, but criticism is not taken lightly. They are mostly playful, open and gracious, but also exhibit to-the-point communications and behavior which comes out as offensive at times. On the inside, they want control and power over everything.

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