What Happens To This Girl After Using A Ouija Board App Is Terrifying.

By Michael Avery in Geeks and Gaming On 9th October 2015


What Happens To This Girl After Using Ouija Board App Is Terrifying.

If you've ever played with a Ouija board, then you probably aware of the stigma that goes along with it.

It's a game of ghosts and demons, where you and your friends gather around to communicate with the spirits that have already passed beyond the barrier of this world. In doing so, it is believed that you open yourself up for the spirits, and worse, possession. Well, this classic board game has made its way into the 21st century.

Meet Patricia Quispe, an 18-year-old from Lima, Peru, who had recently downloaded one of those Ouija apps for her phone. Deciding to play with her friends, they all gathered their faces around their respective devices, and continued on until she had to head home. When she arrived, her parents became increasingly aware that something wasn't right; their little girl began throwing fits and foaming at the mouth. Not sure what was going on, they rushed her to the hospital.

It took the medics a half hour to get her to calm down, and they still couldn't find anything wrong with her. She kept telling them to let her go, while intermittently screaming out the number ‘666', as many know in popular culture is the number of the beast the devil himself.

The locals are all pretty much convinced she's been possessed, but she has seen her way to a psychiatric ward for evaluation.