What It REALLY Looks Like Behind The Scenes Of Those Stylized Instagram Photos

By Editorial Staff in Geeks and Gaming On 25th September 2015

#1 What it really looks like before the cropping begins.

Chompoo Baritone, a Thai photographer based in Bangkok, has published a new series of pictures that reveal all the messy reality we usually crop from our social media shots.

#2 You thought all those Instagram pictures were amazing? You never knew they were cropped out of a messy pigstye.

It's the predictable round up of relaxing work spaces, quiet alone time in the sun, glamorously plated fresh vegetables andof coursea copy of indie lifestyle magazine Kinfolk.

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#3 Cute selfie... but it takes on a whole new perspective when you can see what is beyond the photo shared.

But in Baritone's photos, the rest of the scene remains in the frame: curious pets and onlookers, messy plates of food, clothes piled on the bed.

#4 A hipster on vacation makes a great shot for Instagram... but what are we missing? Oh, all that junk surrounding her.

If hipster culture is a form of privileged bohemianism, then the superficially contemplative images that populate our Instagram feedsand that tell no stories beyond their stylishness, for the most partare a fitting version of the ars gratia artis (art for art's sake) ethos that was once at the core of bohemianism.

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#5 Just crop out the leftover food and dirty plates while we share our beautiful dining experience online.

Without context, such nicely framed images, pretty filters, witty captions and hashtags break no boundaries, but rather strengthen a pre-defined taxonomy of what's trendy.

#6 A seclude beach and a beautiful woman? Not really.

Sweet picture of a girl alone on the secluded beach with the wind flapping her towel? No, it's cropped from a scene at a public beach with other swimmers and beachcombers.

#7 Take out the clutter and crop out just your fancy garden shelf. Amazing. She must put a lot of work into her porch and gardening.

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#8 Just a lonely bike on a secluded road leading nowhere... NO!

Beautiful picture of a bike on the road... until you see what was cropped out. An entire park full of people!