What Nails Can Tell You About Your Health You Can’t Even Imagine

By Editorial Staff in Health and Fitness On 22nd August 2015

#2 Brittle, Flexible and Splitted up nail

This might be because of too much pressure during manicure or excessive usage of acrylic nails they also have indicate ageing and vitamin A deficiencies

#3 White Spot On Nails

White Spot on nails indicates a number of deficiencies ranging from proteins to calcium white spot can also be able to

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#5 Nail Clubbing

Commonly denote the lung disease. Here is the tips of the fingers enlarge to cover the nails.

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#6 Dark Vertical Bands On Nails

Pigmented is the ones suggest presence of benign moles in the nail bed.bands continue to change or darken, it is better to inform your dermatologist it.

#7 Spoon Nails

types of nails usually appear scooped out and almost always suggest the deficiency of Iron. other rare causes might include heart diseases or the under active thyroid gland.