What People Don't Tell You About Significant Weight Loss

By Editorial Staff in Health and Fitness On 4th September 2015

You Will Have Sagging Skin

When you lose a lot of weight quickly, your skin can't always keep up, leaving you with a stark reminder of your former self. The amount of loose skin depends on several factors, including the amount of weight you lost, your age when you lost it and the rate at which you lost it.

It Takes Time for Your Body Image to Change

It can take several months, even years before you see yourself as you are. Many people look in the mirror and only see who they used to be. Going in with the mentality that it will take time to adjust to the new you can be greatly beneficial to your overall self-esteem.

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Your Bones May Change

It's true that losing weight can weaken your bones, but it only becomes a great concern should you become underweight. On the flip side, being heavier can strengthen your bones, but it can also ruin your joints.

You Always Feel Cold

Fat keeps you warm, so when you lose it, you feel the changes in the temperature much more than you did before. Just remember to purchase some sweaters when you're buying that new wardrobe.

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The Extra Attention Can Be Tough to Get Used To

The attention you receive can be startling at first. People will tell you how great you look, and though they mean well, you might start questioning what they thought of you prior to your weight loss.

You May Save on Health Care

People who are overweight spend more money on medical expenses than those who are at a healthier weight. In fact, a 2014 report on residents of Michigan found that the annual health care costs for "extremely obese people" were 90 percent greater than those at a normal weight.

Shopping for Clothing Can Be Terrifying

"It may be unexpected to feel nervous and conflicted about styles you might not have worn before because they are body revealing," says Doctor Gail Saltz, contributing psychology editor of Health. The price of a whole new wardrobe doesn't help ease that discomfort either.

Weight Loss Can Strain a Relationship

Your significant other may feel threatened by your weight loss, for fears that you'll look better than them or that others will find you attractive and you may leave your partner for someone new. Your partner may also worry that you'll have a change in personality given your newfound confidence, and they will lose the "you" they knew.

Your Taste Buds Can Change

A Stanford University study showed that after bariatric surgery, 87 percent of patients claimed a change in their sense of taste. Half of them reported that food tasted duller, while the other half said it tasted more distinct. On the plus side, those who claimed food tasted duller lost more weight in a three-month span than those who didn't.

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Weight Loss Won't Cure Your Depression

While many people do feel better after significant weight loss, if you were depressed before you became your slimmer, trimmer you, odds are that won't likely change. That's because making such a drastic physical change doesn't always address any mental or emotional issues you may have lying below the surface.