What The Shape Of Your Teeth Reveals About Your Personality

By Editorial Staff in Amazing On 27th September 2015

#1 Square teeth show a good sense of control.

Square teeth indicate an inner calmness. If your teeth are primarily square in shape, you probably know how to control your emotions.

#2 People with square teeth are often successful in business.

People with square teeth tend to make good bosses. They're inventive, but also good at keeping arguments in check and guiding their coworkers through projects.

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#3 Oval teeth show artistry.

An oval tooth shape shows a strong creative streak. Rounded edges can also indicate that you're shy around other people.

#4 Oval teeth also have a downside.

However, people with oval teeth may also be more prone to depression. They tend to be dramatic, and may overreact on occasion.

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#5 Triangular teeth indicate a happy, carefree person.

People with triangular teeth tend to dominate conversations. They're very creative, but they may have trouble sticking with one idea at a time.

#6 Triangular teeth = happiness.

If your teeth have a triangular shape, you're likely a very happy person. With that said, these people can have trouble staying satisfied, and they're always looking for new challenges.

#7 Rectangular teeth show serious ambition.

As with the classic square shape, rectangular teeth show a capability to put practical plans into action. If you have this tooth shape, you're probably a natural leader.

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#8 Ambition aside, people with rectangular teeth are sometimes irritable.

They're not as good at controlling their emotions as people with square teeth. They have strong personalities, and are often very ambitious.

#9 If you don't like the shape of your teeth, you can change them.

Dental re-shaping procedures are becoming very popular, as many people prefer the look of rounded teeth. However, you shouldn't expect your personality to change -- cosmetic upgrades can't hide your true nature!

#10 You are who you are. Teeth won't change you..

But they do say a lot abut who you are and where you're going in life. So, smile and be true to yourself!