What This Guy Do To Himself Is Genius...But It Is Extremely Disturbing!

By Suzanne in Bizarre On 10th October 2015

#1 This is the creative product of Marc Clancy. Can you even believe that this is a purely practical effect!

#2 It's only because of talent like this that practical special effects are beginning to find a rising demand!

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#4 His gruesome special effects are absolutely perfect for a horror movie!

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#5 It's almost like magic! Not real, but looks nothing short of it!

#6 Can you create anything as convincing as this?

#7 Don't worry guys! He didn't really draw a knife into his skull!

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#8 Your brain knows he's not actually breaking open his skull, but do your eyes believe?

#9 Gosh! That's just too real-like!

#10 And now you know how something like is done!