What Were You Like In High School Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

By Jamie Vos in Amazing On 29th September 2015


You got: Independently Cool

As an Aquarius, you're not often much of a joiner and were therefore more likely to move freely among cliques than to belong to any one in particular. You were likely outspoken, possibly a president of a student club, and well-liked by most of your peers.


You got: Wallflower

As a Pisces you're introverted, occasionally moody, and artsy, which means you were likely shy, flying under the radar of many of your peers. But the small group of friends you did have were kindred spirits who broke through to your funny and compassionate interior.

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You got: Student Council President

As an ambitious, driven Aries, you were chomping at the bit to be in charge, even as a teenager. Maybe it was student council, or maybe it was debate/first chair in band/head captain, but you found your way to the top and stayed there.


You got: Alt Kid

As a stable, loyal, and generally pretty clean-cut Taurus, you probably had a serious ~alternative~ phase as a teen, probably in rebellion of your own normalcy. You may have been emo, goth, punk, or skater, but you were OUT THERE, dude, at least for a hot second.

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You got: Theater Kid

As a lively, fun, and performative (read: occasionally dramatic) Gemini, you were almost DEFINITELY a theater kid. You lived to perform even if only/mostly among your tight-knit group of like-minded friends.


You got: Boy/Girl Crazy

As an emotional, sensitive, and thoughtful Cancer, you were probably a teen hopeless romantic who spent most/all of your free time making mixtapes, blogging about your feelings, and pining about having that first kiss with your one true crush (who may well have been a celebrity).


You got: That Kid

As an attention-seeking, vivacious, confident Leo, you were That Kid. You know, that kid, the one whom everybody knows. Even if they didn't know your name, they knew you by your antics. Probably voted "Most Likely to Be Famous."

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You got: Band Geek

As a meticulous, detail-oriented Virgo, you were probably involved in band or orchestra and were probably one of the very best. If it wasn't music, it was a number of other extracurriculars all of which you dominated, because you couldn't have it any other way.


You got: Popular

As a natural go-between and an excellent gossip, Libra, you were probably popular or at least popular-adjacent, serving as the mediator/confidante between two higher powers. You knew which secrets to keep and which to use.


You got: In Detention

As a mysterious, complicated, tortured-soul Scorpio, you definitely spent your fair share of time in detention, skipping out of school for lunch and engaging in various other forms of tomfoolery. Everyone was in love with you, and most of them probably still are.


You got: Class Clown

As a blunt, judgmental, and super-funny Sag, you were the class clown always trying to make your friends and classmates laugh, and sometimes getting yourself in trouble in the attempt to do so. Your yearbook was littered with "OMG you are so funny" messages from people you barely knew.


You got: Teacher's Pet

As a dutiful, responsible, serious Capricorn, you were a workhorse in high school, and it paid off. Teachers loved you, and you were most likely inducted into any number of academic clubs and courted by colleges. Everyone who was mean to you in high school WISHES they could work for you today.