What Your Footwear Says About You

By Editorial Staff in Life Style On 17th October 2015

#1 All I ask is that we give PEACE a chance. Hippie Love!

#2 The ultimate GEEK/MORON look.

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#4 I don't care how much it hurts me, I'm going to climb that corporate ladder, one heel at a time.

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#5 I didn't grow up to be a ballerina but I do a great song and dance...

"I've never danced for my father.."

#6 When I finish my laps I'll tell you how much weight I have dropped and how many miles I've covered.

#7 I still love me some SNEAKERS! Who doesn't?

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#8 Can't you see how hard I play? I must be very good.

#9 Can't you see I don't play at all? I'm tryin' to make a statement here. Geesh!

#10 Don't even think about getting close to my feet when I'm wearing my NICE basketball shoes! You scuff these and I'll kick you so hard...

#11 The 1980's called. They don't even want their shoes back.

Do they still make or sell these? Whack!

#12 Nothing like wearing sweaty rubber sliders that make your feet smell like burning tires.

Even better with knee high socks. LOL.

#13 Hand me my best slippers please. I need to go to Walmart.

#14 I work. Hard. I play. Hard. See my steel toed boots. They're HARD.

#15 You're either under 8 years old or a hobo. Please wash your feet before coming to bed.

#16 Do you even know what a sail is?

#17 They fir like a glove. For a gorilla.

#18 I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys R Us kid..

Add a flashing light and you're all set for the big Harvest Disco Party!