What’s The Worst Thing You’ve Been Told On A First Date?

By Editorial Staff in Life Style On 19th October 2015

#1 "Too bad that you're fat. You would have been pretty."

#2 "Um I forgot my wallet. I hope you brought yours!"

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#4 "The color of your eyes look like diarrhea"

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#5 "Running late for another date, I'll just pay on my way out."

#6 "I have crabs.... that's cool, right?"

#7 "Hope you don't mind.. I used to be a man."

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#8 "I usually get girls pregnant on the first date."

#9 "I'm married."

#10 "Don't worry about protection. I'm already preggers!"

#11 "You have a fat tongue."

#12 "Wanna watch a video of my ex giving birth? It's great to see her in pain!"

#13 "Wow, there were actually a couple of things I liked about you."

#14 "So, you wanna touch it? If you're not going to do something, I'm going to start masturbating!

#15 "I thought you would be the one I'd settle down with."

#16 "It's okay, I'm fifteen."

#17 "I thought you'd be hotter"

#18 "I'd have sex with you tonight but I was planning on finishing this bottle first."

#19 “I’m thinking about going back to my old boyfriend.”

#20 “Whoa. You looked better when I was drunk.”

#21 "Wait, haven't we already slept together?"

#22 "I really get in to chicks with kinky fetishes."

#23 "You don't drink, you don't smoke. You don't swear. You don't dance. What DO you do?"

#24 "I've never held a steady job in my entire life. Love is all I need."