When You Understand That The Universe Does Not Need You Anymore

Posted by Arsalan Ahmed in Funny On 4th August 2018

Life is full of ups and downs but what if there are more downs than ups. At that time, you have to understand that you are just a piece of shit on this planet. This Planet doesn't require you anymore. Sometimes life is just mean for no reason and this how you find out that the universe hates you?

Worst Starting!

After a hectic and tired day in the office, you decide to enjoy a weekend with your friends and family. While going back to home, this happens. Is this an incident or nature wants you to quit your plans?


Let's Begin!

Instead of worst starting and broken glass, you initiate your plans and gather your friends and family for a weekend trip.

Dangerous Highway!

You along with your family and friends are going through the highway and suddenly hear a sound of crashing. What if a truck was falling at your side? This a pure signal for you to quit your trip and go back to the home. Will you quit or continue to face more worst and worst disasters?


A Big Burst!

After a stressful beginning, your car also realizes that today is not your day but you don't give a f*ck to these signals and continue your journey thinking it's a part of a journey.

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