Who Is The ‘Spit On That Thing’ (Hawk Tuah) Girl?

By maks in Community On 22nd June 2024

This interview quickly went viral on TikTok, transforming into a meme. 

It featured the phrase "hawk tuah" and sparked widespread curiosity about the identity of the woman now famously dubbed the "spit on that thing" girl.

It all started from a simple inquiry directed at a few strangers on the street.

This simple question eventually exploded in popularity, turning into TikTok's meme of the week, and perhaps gaining even further attention.

What does "spit on that thing" and "hawk tuah" mean?

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The "spit on that thing" girl reached internet stardom after she was captured on video responding to a query from YouTubers and social media content creators, Tim and Dee.

These two are known for wandering around, engaging random people with various questions on their channel and Instagram account, Tim & Dee TV.

On that day, the query they posed was: "What’s one move in bed that makes a man go crazy every time?"

This question was presented to two women in Nashville, Tennessee. 

One of them quickly offered an answer that would soon become a wildly popular TikTok meme.

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"Oh, you gotta give him that ‘hawk tuah’ and spit on that thang," she exclaimed, using her Southern accent.

Audiences interpreted "hawk tuah" as an onomatopoeia for the sound one might make when spitting, directed at "that thing" (a euphemism for a man's penis) or elsewhere.

How the "spit on that thing" girl became a TikTok meme

The memorable interaction with the spit on that thing girl was first uploaded by the Instagram account timanddeetv on June 10, 2024.

Within just one week, the video had amassed roughly nine million views. The very next day, Dee, who uses the handle @dmarloww on TikTok, shared the video on his platform.

His post didn’t attract much attention, but the scenario changed when @iamdlaney, another TikToker, reposted the video on his account on June 12.

It quickly gathered over 2.4 million views.

This significant viewership was likely what propelled the spit on that thing meme throughout the platform.

What really ignited the trend was the creation of a greenscreen template featuring her from the hawk tuah video.

This template enabled TikTok users to creatively insert her into various everyday contexts, adding a humorous twist. 

One notable example came from the @drinkingtiktoks account. 

They featured her in a post from June 15, which was humorously captioned: "My mom: I can’t wait to meet your new girlfriend!"

Who is the "Hawk Tuah" girl?

The bold and relatable nature of the young woman, now known as the "hawk tuah" girl or the "spit on that thing" girl, prompted a flurry of interest in discovering her real identity.

Seeing how much TikTokers adored her, Dee uploaded an extended interview video on his account. 

In this video, she delightfully answers more questions about dating.

"How do you get over a breakup?" Dee asked.

"The only way to get over one is to get under another," she responded.

Despite these glimpses into her personality, the identity of this woman remains unknown.

Initially, TikTok users believed they had identified her as @elayna.robinson. 

However, this individual denied being the woman in the interview and reportedly confirmed this in a video.

Her account is now devoid of videos, and her bio simply reads: "Not the hawk tuah girl. Just a regular girl who loves Jesus!"

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