Why Are Some Men Turning Their Beards Into Christmas Trees?

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Fashion On 20th November 2017

Women usually have all of the fun when it comes to the holidays. They get to wear big red hair bows, festive jewelry, and glittery nail polish. The guys have really been feeling left out since all they could really do in the past is rock an ugly Christmas sweater. But, our bearded guys are putting a stop to that. Now they can bring some festive cheer to their beards by rocking some Beardaments. They turn any beard into a Christmas tree.


Do you remembers last year's trend? The glitter beard started popping up all over Instagram just before the holiday season. The glitter gets combed into the beard until it is completely covered. There a ton of tutorials online dedicated to achieving this look.



The glitter beard trend was created by an internet duo known as The Gay Beards, and they regularly post photos of their beards covered in just about anything including salad which thankfully never caught on as a trend.


Before glitter beards, there were flower beards. It is quite clear that guys have been looking for ways to accessorize their facial hair, but nothing like Beardaments have been available until now.



They are ornaments for beards and are the perfect complement to an ugly Christmas sweater. Why not decorate your tree and your beard at the same time? Beardaments are a truly glorious way to get festive this holiday season.

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