Why These Cars Were Left Abandoned For Many Years Will Shock You!

Posted by ET in Geeks and Gaming On 17th March 2017

Cars aren't often abandoned in the city, but it happens in jungle-y areas. That reasons for this will surprise you!

#1 During the war

During ww2 many officers ordered cars as it would quite handy for their personal use. However as the war ended most of the officers were unable to ship them home.


#2 After the War

Most people then abandoned the cars in a place located in Belgium known as the grave yard for cars. Although this might not seem as creepy, there was an incident that sparked horror as nearby residents have told security guards to keep an eye out as some residents report sounds of motors running and the Unusual smell of human flesh.

#3 Rust in peace

This is a great idea to keep cars in such an abandoned area and will be quite the place to visit, although security don't allow anyone entering im sure you'll be able to find a way in to witness the truth for yourself


#4 Eerie reminder...

The scariest thing to consider about these abandoned cars is not the fact that they are lying here to this day, but how they got there in the first place.

Did a murder take place? Did someone die in a car accident, and the appropriate units cleared the body and forgot about the car?

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