Wife Discovers That Her Teacher Husband Is Having An Affair With A Former Student And Runs Him Over!

By Editorial Staff in Bizarre On 6th September 2015


It is sad how cheating in relationships is so common and normal these days. No matter how many stories of infidelity are being posted on social media, it seems that people who cheat will never understand the consequences of their selfish actions. Such is the case of a teacher who got run over by his wife after she found out about his affair with a much younger student!

Maria Addis was so furious at her PE teacher husband Mark that she ran over him with their Chevrolet car after she found out he was having an affair with his former student.


It is reported that Mrs. Addis was furious when Mark asked for his phone back because he didn't want his wife to read it, implying that there are some incriminating messages in it.

Then an altercation happened outside their home in Glynoch near Pontypridd. Maria pushed Mark into a bush and locked herself in their car. He stood in front of the car and outstretched his arms.

Then Maria knocked him over with the car. He fell and clutched his leg.

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Mark and Lucy claimed that they only began their relationship after his marriage fell apart. They said they only met after Lucy left Aberdare Community School and that she wasn't one of his former pupils as majority of his students were boys.

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They have now been in a relationship for more than a year.


Mrs. Addis was charged with dangerous driving and common assault which she denied. But she decided to admit to careless driving to avoid going to trial.

She received a $760 fine and 7 penalty points on her driver's license.