Wild Boar Gets Chased By This Nudest German For Stealing His Laptop

Posted by Sumaiya Ghani in Funny On 8th August 2020


#1 A rare side of a German man running naked after a boar who had his laptop

This German man was enjoying while sunbathing naked at the Teufelssee lake in Berlin. He was having a peaceful time when a boar with two baby boars came out of the forest to search for food.

People were scared but the boars looked peaceful. The wild boars ate pizza from one of the man's backpack while he was taking a swim in the lake.

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#2 It looked like the boars were in the mood for some dessert.

After the pizza, the boars searched further in the backpack and found a yellow bag. They immediately took it probably thinking of it as some kind of food. The man, whose backpack it was, came out of the lake naked and ran after the boars. The man realized that it was the bag with his laptop. He ran and ran and was finally able to catch the boars.

When he returned with his laptop, everybody clapped and congratulated him on his success.

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#3 This funny incident was shared in an Instagram post by Adele Landauer

She wrote:

Yesterday at the lake in Berlin I saw a real hero.

A female wild boar with two babies came out of the forest in order to search for food.

In Berlin we are free people - we love to bathe in the sun and lake like we are born.

So, there were many people laying on their towels completely naked.

Many of us were scared but the wild boars seemed to be peaceful.

After they ate a pizza from a backpack of a man who was taking a swim in the lake they were looking for a dessert.



They found this yellow bag and decided to take it away.

But the man who owned it realized it was the bag with his laptop.

So, he was very focused and run behind the boars in order to get it back.

Every one of us adored him how focused he stayed and when he came back with his yellow bag in the hand we all clapped and congratulated him for his success.

This happens when you’re focused on your goals.