Wild Video Shows Man Being Attacked By Bear In His Own Garage

By Haider Ali in Bizarre On 9th August 2023

After escaping a bear assault at his home last week, a guy from Pennsylvania is counting his blessings.

The man's wife, Lori Swartz, recorded the interaction and posted the footage to Facebook.

Two cats can be seen watching as a medium-sized bear enters the couple's Danville, Pennsylvania, property and then retreats into the garage.

Shortly after, John Swartz makes an on-screen appearance and enters the garage without knowing what to expect.

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Less than ten seconds later, the cats suddenly rush out of their chairs as though startled by a noise.

As Swartz hurriedly makes his way back into the house, he stumbles out of the garage entryway while holding his head.

After a short while, the bear emerges from the garage and starts to leave the couple's property.

Later, Swartz told FOX 56 that because the bear encounter happened so quickly, he could only evaluate what had happened after it had left.

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“My head hurt and it knocked me against the wall, little did we know until we received the video as to what happened outside, I didn’t realize I fell over the bear and continued down the sidewalk holding my head and continued into the house to retrieve a washcloth,” Swartz told the outlet. “I had injuries and I had blood coming down.”  

Swartz was sent to Geisinger Medical Center, where he received tetanus shots and treatment for bite wounds.

According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, when the couple called for help, troopers were dispatched. To catch the guilty bear, the agency has put up a trap.

Situated in central Pennsylvania, Danville is approximately 65 miles north of Harrisburg.

(Image: Fox News)

In a parallel incident occurring in Idaho on Monday, a man was attacked by a black bear accompanied by a cub as he was opening his garage door. Subsequently, the injured man contacted wildlife officials, who made the decision to euthanize both the bear and its cub in the interest of safeguarding public welfare.

The footage of John Swartz's encounter underscores how a seemingly ordinary day can swiftly transform into a heart-pounding encounter with the wild. As we witness his quick thinking and the swiftness with which the situation unfolded, it's a stark reminder of the importance of coexisting respectfully with the creatures that share our spaces.

From Pennsylvania to Idaho, these stories highlight the diverse landscapes and wildlife interactions that unfold across our country. They serve as anecdotes of the complex decisions officials face when prioritizing the safety of both human communities and the animal kingdom.

As we continue to forge our paths within the natural world, these stories merge into a collective narrative that prompts us to acknowledge our place in the broader ecosystem. They invite us to reflect on the marvel of the wild, urging us to coexist respectfully and responsibly.