Will These Creepy Halloween Treats Make It on Your Party Table? Let Us Know!

By Muk Khatri in Amazing On 16th September 2015

#1 Cookies go well with milk or tea. Not sure with these witch fingers, though.

#2 Worms?! Don't panic 'cause they're made from jelly, sprinkled with crumbled donuts.

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#4 A challenge for the sweet tooth! This cake depicting a burial ground for zombies is interesting.

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#5 How about a skull cake with spiders? Wondering if it's mocha or chocolate chiffon.

#6 Very creative, but is it good to eat? Grahams and spreads are turned into wound bandage cookies.

#7 How cute are these owl cookies?! Not so scary and the kids will absolutely love.

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#8 It's another cake! Who can eat this without closing his eyes?

#9 Candy apple sticks in ghost motif! What do you think, is it sweet or eerie?

#10 Eggs are a good source of protein. Do spiders add nutrients when mixed with them?

#11 Get a knife and attack Frankenstein! Ready your fork and start devouring his nose first.

#12 Put on some tomato catsup, mustard and mayo. The zombie sausages can be an instant hit in your party.

#13 Does anyone here eat puke? Go ahead and try this pumpkin with guacamole.

#14 And the main course- the ribcage barbecue! Honey ginger or classic maple for the sauce?

#15 Mini desserts in a shot glass can complete your Halloween party menu! How do you find the tombstone cookies?