Win or Fail? You Be The Judge!

By Editorial Staff in Bizarre On 21st October 2015

#1.When these gamers kept it all in the family.

#2. When this news station spelled "rain on Friday" wrong.

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#4.When this guy drove drunk for the last time.

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#5.When this kid stopped at nothing to achieve his dreams.

#6.When this bridge design got a thumbs up.

#7.When this granny got dressed in a hurry.

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#8.When heat + Reese's minis = this.

#9.When someone decorated the retirement home for Halloween.

#10.When bad timing (and terrible spelling) gave us this gem.

#11.When this cat had the right idea but...

#12.When this textbook editor sent the book to the presses.

#13.When someone forgot to do a final inspection of this museum display.

#14.When this waitress didn't understand what "Please fill up the salt & pepper shakers" meant.

#15.And, finally, when this mom was just trying to keep things clean.