Woman Accidentally Marries Father-In-Law In Hilarious Wedding Blunder

By Haider Ali in Cringey On 19th July 2023

It's inevitable that something will go wrong with weddings; it just happens.

How could there not be a few problems on the big day with thousands of pounds spent and hundreds of attendees?

One woman may have the largest wedding mishap on her hands because she says she accidentally married her father-in-law.

You did read that correctly.

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Credit: Instagram/@fitzywippakate

The information was revealed on the episode of Fitzy and Wippa with Kate Ritchie that aired on Tuesday, July 18, when the three hosts were taking calls about occasions when callers had messed up the one assignment they were assigned.

Kim was one of the women that experienced a very shocking and hysterical doozy.

Kim recalled: "So I got married and we needed two witnesses, which was my mother and my father-in-law.

"And then at our rehearsal, the mother-in-law insisted that her husband come up [as a witness too]."

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That's good so far, right?

The problem wasn't discovered until after everything was signed.

Kim revealed: "So we find the certificate and then when we looked at it and I'm actually now married to my husband and my father-in-law.

"They signed on the same line."

The presenters were shocked, and Ryan 'Fitzy' Fitzgerald clarified: "So legally on a piece of paper you are married to your father-in-law?"

Kim replied: "Well on the certificate. Thank God I’m hoping they didn’t sign the legal papers that would be horrible."

Fellow presenter Michael 'Wippa' Wipfli remarked: "That is amazing. [He] Just saw the signature and went 'I’ll throw my name on that.'"

But Kim made it clear that she wasn't formally married to her father-in-law.

Her wedding wasn't the only event that had a notable occurrence.

After his best man brother made a humiliating speech, one groom was left with a red face.

At the reception, the brother spoke about how the bride joined the family and said: "One Christmas morning, I got up in my mum and dad's house, buzzing I may add.

"Walked down the stairs to open my presents only to be greeted with a slap from my mum. 'What did I tell you about bringing folk back here?'

"I say, 'What are you talking about mum, I've been in my bed the full night'.

"Obviously she's not thinking about the golden child next door."

"At this point, I go up the stairs, open Gary's room, and there you have it, Kirsty Currie, lying with her legs at ten to two.

"She certainly never came down the chimney in that position anyway. Merry Christmas, Kirsty."

Gary and Kirsty were left holding their heads in their hands as they struggled to contain their laughing.

It appears that there are numerous ways to make weddings a special occasion.