Woman Chomps On Rotten Human Finger After First Bite Of Burger

By Haider Ali in Food On 20th September 2021

Reacting via a post on Facebook she said “At the moment of eating, I chewed on a FINGER.”

In the footage, the Hot Burger representative can be heard saying: “Please tell me what you want and we will give it to you.”

Credit: Newsflash

They further stated that the burgers were pre-cooked when they arrived at the store and that "nothing like this has ever happened to us before."

“Here we are at the magnificent Hot Burger where a finger ended up in my burger, I'll take a picture of the finger immediately away and upload it,” Benitez said in another video that has been seen over 60,000 times.

Credit: Newsflash
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The top of a rotting digit can be seen on the side of the woman's plate after she purportedly took a bite of the burger in the photo.

She said that a store representative offered to close the restaurant while she was still there, but that the employee then “continued serving customers as if nothing had happened.”

Credit: Newsflash

After her story went viral, a corporate spokesperson described it as an "unfortunate incident."

A company employee had previously lost part of his index finger at work, according to Edson Claure, director of the National Police's Special Crime Fighting Force.

Credit: Newsflash
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The surprising turn of events caused the Vice Minister for the Defense of User and Consumer Rights to order the branch to be temporarily closed and the corporation to pay a fine. It's unclear whether Benitez will pursue legal action.