Woman Claims She Is Too Sexy To Live A Normal Life

By Michael Avery in Bizarre On 12th September 2015


Felicia Czochanski is fed up of men staring at her as she travels around the city, or people underestimating her intelligence because of her looks.

Cosmopolitan.com writer and Fordham University student, Felicia Czochanski, published an essay entitled "People Judge Me Because I'm Pretty."


The 20-year-old aspiring magazine editor describes herself as a girly girl who's 5 foot 5 with blonde hair, hazel eyes, 34DDs, and toned calves. She claims that "coming to terms with being perceived as beautiful wasn't easy." She constantly gets catcalled and she has a lot of people staring all the time.

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"Imagine how it feels to have heads turn and all eyes on you when you are simply trying to get to where you need to be. It doesn't make me feel beautiful or sexy. It makes me feel like there's something wrong with me."

Being pretty is not an easy gig, at least that's what this 20-year-old says.


"The scrutiny is never ending. The immediate thoughts of whether my skirt is too short or my shirt is too low cause me to doubt the professional outfit that I put on in the morning. I wonder if there's something stuck to my shoe, if I forgot to put on some item of clothing, anything that could be wrong with me that would cause people to stare. But it's typically just because I'm "pretty," and sometimes, it seems like that's all society will perceive me to be."

Felicia Czochanski has caused an internet storm after sharing a blog post about her day to day struggles that stem from her good looks.

But rather than giving her confidence, she claims her attractive appearance has led people to take her at face value.

"It soon became how people knew me. People seemed to forget or simply ignore my accomplishments."

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