Woman Claims She Was Kicked Out Of Gym After Taking 'Tasteless' Instagram Pics

By Haider Ali in Cringey On 21st October 2022

The fitness model who claimed she was expelled from her local gym for posting "tasteless Instagram pictures" has started working out once more while wearing tight-fitting pants.

Shirls Larson had been a member of the gym for six years, but they expelled her after they found out she was snapping pictures for her Instagram while working out.

Posting on her Twitter account earlier this month, she explained: “I was kicked out of my small hometown gym of which I've been a member for six years for taking tasteless Instagram pictures.”

(Image: instagram.com/shortyshirls)

She appeared in the image wearing a sports bra and pink booty shorts and holding a dumbbell in the locker area, which was bright pink.

However, a recent Instagram video reveals that she has returned to the gym wearing extremely short shorts.

The OnlyFans model smiled for the camera in the video, which has received more than 700 likes while wearing a pair of tight camouflage shorts and a loose white shirt tucked under the sides of her bra.

(Image: instagram.com/shortyshirls)
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It's unclear if the gym is the one she was "kicked out of" at first.

She wrote in the caption: "You can either unravel all of your insecurities in this lifetime and truly live – or you can just project all of them onto everyone and everything around you and be a huge crybaby."

Her followers appeared to be delighted as she performed leg extensions and hip abductions after beginning her leg day routine on the squat rack.

(Image: instagram.com/shortyshirls)

Her supporters raced to the comments section to praise her and say that her workouts "are working."

One user said: "Looking good lady!" Another added: "It's working."

A third even suggested, she should compete in the Miss Bum Bum contest in Brazil, writing: "Ma'am... respectfully... Brazil has this competition "Miss Bumbum."

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"I'm fairly certain after seeing you they'd retire the competition for good!"

A bloke said: "Let's be honest with each other. These videos aren't for fitness, they're for attention. Speaking of attention, seems you're getting exactly that.”

"While we're at it, nobody comes here for personal advice either. Lastly, do you really expect any self-respecting person would be with you after seeing your Instagram? Really more of a rhetorical question."

The influencer previously addressed the concerns about what she posted after being banished, saying: “I am free-spirited, I am friendly, I have a great sense of myself as significant and important REGARDLESS of what I choose to wear (or not wear).”

She said she also respects people "regardless of how they dress, behave, [or] adhere to social standards".