Woman Dies In A Haunting Accident After She Is Partially Sucked Out Of The Airplane Window

Posted by Sama in Heartbreaking On 19th April 2018

A US airline suffered a major engine failure during the flight on Wednesday. The tragic accident claimed life of one woman, Miss Jennifer Riordan who was shockingly sucked out of the window after the airplane window broke. Miss Riordan was dragged back inside with the help of passengers but unfortunately until the medical help arrived, she was declared dead. Her death has been ruled out as accidental for now but further investigations are being carried out before the final report.

#1 A US Airline Suffered A Major Engine Failure Midair During The Flight

In a tragic turn of events, a US airline company suffered a major engine failure mid-air leading to a horrifying death of a woman passenger who was partially blown out of the window. According to the reports, the woman who was blown out of the window was wearing a seatbelt at the time and instead died from the blunt trauma impact.


#2 Miss Riordan's Death Has Been Ruled Out As Accidental

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health released a statement through their spokesperson, James Garrow who said that following the incident Miss Riordan's death has been ruled out as accidental. The bank executive and a mother of two, Jennifer Riordan was killed and seven others were injured after the twin-engine 737 blew an engine at 30,000 feet Tuesday throwing shrapnel into a window of the plane.

#3 Miss Riordan Was Wearing A Seatbelt At The Time Of Incident, She Was Sucked Out Of The Plane Due To Negative Pressure

The authorities have reported that Miss Riordan was wearing a seatbelt when she was sitting in the window seat. However, the authorities are still confused and investigating the matter carefully as to how the window came out of the plane. The pilots who made the emergency landing in Philadelphia after the accident reportedly said their hearts are heavy.


#4 Investigations Under Process

National Transportation Safety Board chairman Robert Sumwalt in a press conference revealed that the accident occurred when one of the planes 24 fan blades snapped off from its hub. Reportedly the blade suffered metal fatigue at the time of break. He further said, "We want to very carefully understand what was the result of this problem, and as I mentioned a few minutes ago, I’m very concerned about this particular event. To be able to extrapolate that to the entire fleet, I’m not willing to do that right now."

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