Woman Faces Backlash As She drives 90 Minutes With Her Family To The Beach And Then Complains That Others Are Doing The Same

Posted by Sama in News On 22nd May 2020

Someone said this rightly that ignorance has no cure. Recently a woman was interviewed at the beach with her family. When asked about the restrictions regarding lockdown the lady had the audacity to call out the public for crowding beaches and increasing the risk of COVID-19 cases while she herself drove 1.5 hours with her family to enjoy the beach air. The irony, right?



Recently a woman has sparked outrage and has faced some serious backlash who very carelessly commented on how the presence of so many people can cause a spike in COVID-19 cases while being there at the beach enjoying with family.

The lady who goes by the name of Jane Peacock gave the bizarre statement while she was being interviewed at the beach by BBC.

'It's lovely to get out but I'm quite shocked at how many people are here,' she said while relaxing on the beach.

'They're not paying attention to social distancing. I find that quite annoying to be honest – it's like being in Tesco.'



The lady's shameless response sparked an outcry when people pointed her out for the hypocrisy.

Her daughter, Ellie, added: 'It's nice to get out of quarantine but I think it's going to peak again because everyone's going to go mad and go anywhere they can.'



After the video, Jane's family quickly got viral on social media and Twitter labeled her family's behavior as 'selfish' and 'irresponsible' while others pointed out that she's a part of the problem.

One user named MK wrote, 'I think she sees herself as above the problem. This type of ego is what is wrong with the majority of the UK.'


Another user commented, 'For someone who is engaging in selfish, irresponsible behaviour to criticise others for selfish, irresponsible behaviour is the height of hypocrisy.

'Don’t go to the beach or other beauty hotspots. Don’t drive one and a half hours to go anywhere. Just stay at home.'

Another tweeter, Colm McAfee, posted, 'I’m baffled. Just saw this on the news. Woman who drove 1.5 hours to go to the beach with her family complains about other people at the beach who have done the same as her. Does she not see she’s part of the problem?'



Meanwhile Twitter user Jules M said, 'Sorry Peacock family, I live a five minute walk from the beach where I live, drop me a DM next time you want to come visit and I'll drive the 1.5 hours to your house just to even things up.'

Claire Savage tweeted: 'This is why the restrictions were put on place, such lack of self awareness.

'Same happens every time there's a discussion about reducing car use, lots of people agree but it's never convenient for them because they need their car...'


It has been more than a week since Borris Johnson has eased on the lockdown restrictions and Britishers are given more freedom in terms of their outdoor activities. Some outdoor spaces such as beaches, parks and beauty salons have also opened up for the public but the ban on overnight stays and going on holidays still applies.



Britain's coronavirus death toll continued its downward trend today with officials announcing 160 more victims, taking the official number of fatalities closer to the 35,000-mark.

Health officials also announced 2,684 more cases of the coronavirus, taking the official size of the outbreak in the UK past 246,000.