Woman Faces Jail Time For Life After Lover Kills Her Ex-Husband In An Alleged Duel

Posted by Sama in News On 13th February 2020

Asta Juskauskiene, 35, of Dartford, Kent, divorced her husband Giedruis Juskauskas and was seeing 25-year-old former prisoner Mantas Kvedras. The woman decided to settle the dispute that which man would win her hand by arranging a deadly alleyway fight between the two.



A divorced mother who allegedly arranged a 'medieval dual' between her ex-husband and lover to see which one will win her hand is now facing life behind bars. Asta Juskauskiene, 35, left her husband Giedruis Juskauskas, when she started seeing Mantas Kvedaras, after meeting the 25-year-old online following his release from prison in Lithuania.



Juskauskas was still in a physical relationship with his ex-wife despite their divorce in December 2018. While the alleged lover flew to the UK just five days before the murder to stay at Juskauskiene's east London home.

Both the men claimed her to be their lover. So to settle the dispute, Juskauskiene arranged a meticulously planned dual in an alleyway in Stratford. While she herself stayed at home to look after the kids.



Kvedaras, who admitted to the murder allegedly stabbed Juskauskas 35 times in the chest and left him bleeding to death in an alleyway. Juskauskiene had conspired the murder of her ex-husband but she was convicted for her crime following a five-week trial at Kingston Crown Court.

Judge Peter Lodder QC, said he will sentence Juskauskiene and Kvedaras together next month.

Hugh Davies, prosecuting, had told the court that Juskauskiene had discussed the purpose of the fatal meeting with her friend Jurgita Sulciene.

'That purpose was for the men to settle the issue in relation to the defendant with violence - in effect a latter-day medieval duel.'

Kvedaras had begun a relationship with Juskauskiene following his release from prison in Lithuania.

'Giedrius was however still on the scene,' said Mr Davies. 'He regularly visited the address to see his daughter.

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