Woman Filmed Kissing Cop Insists She's Done 'Nothing Wrong' Despite His Wife Telling Her To 'Rot In Hell'

By Haider Ali in Bizarre On 8th September 2023
Jam Press Vid/@slumpedtl

The woman in the now-viral video of a policeman kissing her and getting into the back of his squad car with her claims that she has "done nothing wrong."

Virginia Pinto was revealed to be the subject of a widely circulated video showing Francesco Marlett, a Prince George's County Police officer, engaging in a  relationship with a lady in a parking lot.

According to reports, the incident happened close to a park with plenty of kids adjacent to Maryland's Oxon Hill High School.

As a result of his extramarital affair, Marlett has recently been fired from his work and his wife has learned about it.

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Jam Press Vid/@slumpedtl

Pinto, though, asserts that the relationship has lasted for around two years and that it was "not a one-night stand."

Pinto believes she is not in the wrong in light of this.

She was recognized in the video by Marlett's wife Paula, who shortly after Marlett was fired from the military warned Pinto in a scathing Facebook post to "rot in hell."

“This isn't a little thing," Pinto told The New York Post.

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Virginia Pinto Facebook

"Of course, since he’s a police officer, it looks bad. But I just want people to understand that this was not a one-night stand.”

“What’s so exciting? He’s a cop. I’m a civilian. We got caught. It sucks, but this will pass,” she added.

She continued: "In my head, I’ve done nothing wrong. I’m going to continue living my life, doing what I’m doing.”

"In my heart, in his heart, I know that I’ve done nothing. He knows. Paula knows. I’ve done nothing wrong. God is my higher power."

The unnamed man told 7News: "As we see the interaction getting a little bit interesting, we were like let's just record it, you know. Let's see what happens.”

"I witnessed a cop doing something that any other citizen would have been charged with. He's a police officer you know. It's board daylight.”

Paula Marlett (Wife of officer Marlett) Facebook

"He didn't even look up. He didn't care who was watching. He didn't care that kids were around."

The Prince George's County Police Department has officially reacted to the popular video and stated that an investigation is still ongoing.

This situation raises questions about the conduct of public officials, especially those in law enforcement, and the impact of their actions on their personal and professional lives. It also highlights the power of social media in bringing such incidents to public attention and the subsequent consequences they may face.

Image via TMZ/Facebook

The relevant Facebook post was no longer searchable at the time of writing, indicating that it had either been deleted or made private. A TikTok account connected to Marlett in reports has also been made private.