Woman Gets Face Tattoos To Beat Drug Addiction And Is Unrecognisable After Transformation

By Johny in Real Life On 29th November 2023

Since undergoing an astounding change and getting tattoos all over her face, Sarah-Jane Howell is frequently the target of stares from onlookers.

However, the mother from Essex believes the tattoos have kept her sober and isn't worried about what other people think of her.

The mum got her first ever tattoo aged 18 (Image: instagram.com/essexink)

After battling a drug addiction, the 28-year-old is now more than six months drug-free.

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Sarah-Jane loves her tattoos and says they make her feel beautiful (Image: instagram.com/essexink)

The phrases "stand out be original" and "love is pain" are inked on her face, along with her daughter's name and birthdate.

In addition, a butterfly has been tattooed on her face to hide a prior tattoo of an angel in tears.


Sarah-Jane began getting tattoos at the age of 18, and she hasn't stopped since.

She frequently showcases her body art on her 74,000-follower 'essexink' TikTok page.

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She hopes to get her whole body covered in tatts one day (Image: instagram.com/essexink)

Speaking to the Daily Star, Sarah-Jane said: "At first I was a bit concerned about walking the street publicly and what people would think."

"But after a week I got used to it and now I forget I have them to be honest."

However, some strangers have rudely stopped her to offer their opinion.

She stated that she is unable to count how many she currently has, but she hopes to cover her entire body as soon as possible.

Desipte being stared at in the street, Sarah-Jane has no regrets (Image: instagram.com/essexink)

One of her most cherished tattoos is a Halloween image of Mike Myers that she has on her arm.

She laughed as she explained, saying, "I've always liked a man in a mask."

Sarah-Jane Howell has more tattoos than she can count - but isn't planning to stop (Image: instagram.com/essexink)

She explained: "I get stared at and stopped a lot and I had a woman last week who pulled me and asked what my trauma was."

"I usually give a sarcastic answer and I told her it was childhood trauma and she said 'Oh I can see that and I really hope you get better' and I was like 'Cheers'."

"I just have a laugh with it."

Her latest tattoo was a butterfly on her cheek to symolize better times after her addiction battles (Image: instagram.com/essexink)

The bartender claimed that after hanging out with the wrong crowd a few years ago, her life reached a low point.

She said the facial tattoos helped her survive, and that she didn't see her kid for a year while seeking assistance.

Her sentimental tatts include the date of birth and name of her little girl (Image: instagram.com/essexink)

She said: "Drugs are a way to escape reality and when I stopped doing them I got more tattoos because I obviously had more money and time."

"I just find when you're sitting in that chair it is that relief and release at the same time. It's that way of letting go and just being under the needle."


Her little girl is now seven and Sarah-Jane spoke about showing her the face art for the time time.

She remembered: "I went on a Facetime with her a couple of months ago and I was a bit concerned she wouldn't recognize me but she didn't say anything."

"But a few minutes in I told her and pointed to her name and birthday and she was shocked but in a happy way."