Woman Gives Birth To 20 Children By The Same Father In 28 Years.

Posted by Sumaiya Ghani in Amazing On 13th January 2018

Most mothers are not actually fond of getting pregnant, even for once. But here we have an amazing story of a British lady who just had her 20th baby with the same husband in just 28 years.

Mrs Radford said she is happy to stop on an 'even number'

Sue and Noel lived in the UK in the same neighbourhood and became close friends. While they were just early teens, they started a relationship and, at only 13, Sue became pregnant.

When Sue was just 14, she gave birth to their first son, Christopher. Noel was just 18 at the time. After Three years of their first child's birth, the happy couple tied the knot, purchased a house, and continued to grow their family tree.


The Couple Recently Welcomed Their Twentieth Baby Who Was Later Named As Archie (pictured)

According to them: 'Never did we imagine that when we had Chris all those years ago that we would go on to be blessed with 19 more wonderful children.

The pair announced earlier in March that they are expecting a new addition to their mammoth family tree by posting an ultrasound picture on social media.

Their family is still expanding. In fact, they recently welcomed their 20th child!

Noel and Sue had 11 boys (unfortunately, one was stillborn) and nine girls.

Sue and Noel Has Said That The Baby Boy Archie Is The Last Child They Will Have

In order, the children’s names are: Christopher (28), Sophie (24), Chloe (22), Jack (20), Daniel (18), Luke (17), Millie (16), Katie (15), James (14), Ellie (12), Aimee (11), Joshua (10), Max (9), Tillie (7), Oscar (6), Casper (5), Alfie (stillborn), Hallie (2), Phoebe (1), and Archie (3 months).


Radford's (pictured in 2015) Have Welcomed Their 20th Baby To Their Huge Family

If Noel and Sue didn’t have their hands full enough, they also own and run a bakery and are the doting grandparents of three lovely kids. Their oldest daughter, Sophie, is married to a man named Joe Broadley, and together they have three children: Daisy (5), Ayprill (3), and Leo (2).

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