Woman Joins In On Man's 'Piano Playing' And Crowd Can't Get Enough Of Their Thrilling Routine

By maks in Entertainment On 12th February 2024

Remember that unforgettable scene in the movie Big?

Remember that iconic scene from "Big" where Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia play a tune on a giant floor piano in a toy store?

Well, it's been brought to life once again.


Alexander Dennis Volk, also known as Mister Piano, brought that iconic moment back to life!

In Bremen, Germany, at the Top Shopping Mall, Alexander Dennis Volk and his partner recreated that magical moment with their very own giant floor piano, and it quickly became the center of attention.

Credit: YoutTube / Mister Piano
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So who is this Mister Piano guy?

Alexander Dennis Volk, a German pianist, has made quite the journey from being known as the class clown to becoming a recognized "creative exceptional entertainer on the piano."

Initially, he played background tunes at events, but it wasn't long before his unique blend of creativity and entertainment came to the forefront.


Having made appearances on TV and become a favorite among event organizers across Europe, Volk's performances are always eagerly anticipated.

But this particular show at the mall was something special.

Credit: Facebook / Mister Piano
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Picture this: Volk steps onto the giant piano keys, and the crowd goes wild!

Accompanied by his partner, who sported adorable piano key leggings, Volk started the performance solo, capturing the attention of everyone around.


Before you know it, Volk’s partner jumps in, and they both start dancing on the piano.

Together, they performed "Heart and Soul" without missing a single step, or key, all while barefoot, truly feeling every note of the music.

Credit: YoutTube / Mister Piano

Their outfits were perfectly in tune with the theme.

Volk wore a black and white ensemble to match the piano keys, while his partner's leggings were also a crowd-pleaser.


It’s like they’re both part of the piano, and the crowd is loving it.

As if that wasn't enough, they briefly stepped off the piano to get the audience clapping along, before hopping back on to play the song once more.

Credit: YoutTube / Mister Piano

The audience was thrilled, enjoying the encore even more than the initial performance, showing their appreciation with loud applause.

Credit: Facebook / Mister Piano

But it’s not just the live audience that’s smitten.

Since being posted online, the video of their delightful performance has gone viral, amassing over four million views.

One viewer exclaimed: "That was an amazing piano performance - one of the coolest things I've ever seen."

Another viewer was charmed by their coordinated style, saying, "Awe, this was so cute and of course, we love her piano leggings and his matching black and white outfit."

It's clear that their fashion sense was just as much a part of the show as their musical talent.

Credit: YoutTube / Mister Piano

No matter how many times they perform, the crowd keeps growing.

Their energy and joy were so contagious, it was impossible not to be swept up in the excitement.

Mister Piano, as Volk is affectionately known in Germany, has a reputation for his walking piano performances that never fail to enchant his audiences.

Credit: YoutTube / Mister Piano

If you haven't caught their performance at the Top Shopping Mall yet, you're missing out.

It's an absolute must-see that's guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.


Click the video below to see the performance for yourself!

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