Woman Lays Lifeless In The Wilderness Then A Dog Appears From Behind The Bushes

Posted by Editorial Staff in Nature and Travel On 28th March 2017

When Amanda heard of Bear, an abandoned, lost dog in the mountains of Evan’s Creek, she decided to act immediately.


A frightened, abandoned dog named “Bear” was alone and lost in a park. When Amanda and her friend heard about him, they immediately went to go look for him.



They first attempted to coax the dog with food. But that didn’t work out. Eventually, Amanda curled up on the gravel road by Bear, but with her back to him. He started to growl, but eventually got close enough to smell her. She laid on the road like this for a while before Bear lost interest and wandered off.


But Amanda didn’t give up. She tracked Bear down and got on her back again. Then, she slowly crawled towards Bear.



For the following hour, she maintained this fetal position, inching closer and closer to Bear.

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