Woman Leaves With Horrific Dark Black Slug-Like Eyebrows After Brow Tattoo Went Horribly Wrong

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Bizarre On 2nd April 2018

The woman made headlines in Thailand after a brow tattoo went horribly wrong.

Slug-like eyebrows

Kanyarat Chaichan, 26, of Thailand was left with unsightly 1cm-wide slug-like eyebrows after tattoo carried out by an inexperienced artist went horribly wrong.


Before getting eyebrow tattoos

Kanyarat was unable to afford treatment to fix them she posted several photos on social media explaining that her eye tattoo was permanent she would probably be stuck with horrific dark black eyebrows for the rest of her life.

Corrective treatment

Luckily, her pictures went viral and beauty therapist Vilailak Nan Sundantom saw Kanyarat’s problem and gave her a free corrective treatment worth $1600 on March 21, 2018.


'I look a lot more beautiful'

To see the result she needs to wait for six months for the original botched brows to fade. She said: "I'm very pleased with the results and grateful for the treatment. I feel much better now, and I think I look a lot more beautiful."

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