Woman Makes A List Of Things Women Have To Put With Living In Society And Here Are 20 Of The Best Points

Posted by Sama in Social Issues On 11th September 2021

The world is not a kind place for women. For decades, men have come up with new ideas to control women and keep them in subservient positions. From sexist dress codes to controlling their reproductive rights to dictating their professions, and facing victim shaming, women continue to face inequality in all aspects of life. However, this TikTok user Leena Jay isn't someone who shies away from discussing these issues and her TikTok videos views are evidence of it.



#1 Regulating womens' bodies

Stop abortion at the source. Visectomies are reversible. Make every man have one. And when he is deemed financially and emotionally fit to be a father. It can be reversed. What's that? Did the idea of regulating a man's body make you feel uncomfortable? Well then mind your freaking business


#2 Victim blaming

Why are men afraid of being falsely accused? Just stay indoors. Don't put yourself in situations like these. Don't drink. Dress modestly so that women don't mistake you'll for predators. Stay home especially during the night. So you don't stand a chance to appear threatening. Problem solved!

#3 World adamant on teaching women how abortion is wrong

When people say, "The baby you abort, could've cured cancer!" The gay kid you bullied into taking their own life, could've cured cancer. The 14-year old that died in a school shooting could've cured cancer. The child that you traumatized by putting it in a cage, could've cured cancer. THEY had a heartbeat too!


#4 Word.

I wish people feared their sons being pedos, [email protected], and abusive as much as they fear them being gay



#5 Logics governments come up with when dealing with women

If a 16 year old wanted to adopt a child. The government wouldn't allow it. She isn't done with her education. She isn't financially stable yet. And she isn't a legal adult. But if she gets pregnant. The government can ban her from getting an abortion. How is that logical?


#6 Judgemental and hypocrite society

You love sex, but you judge the women who love it. You watch the adult video, but you judge the women who star in it. You practice adultery, but you want a woman who is faithful. You follow half-naked women's accounts, but yet you think that they don't deserve any respect. You think you're better than everyone else, but all you are is a damn hypocrite!!


#7 Sexist dress codes of schools and their hypocrisy

It's convenient how schools are now saying that they can't force kids to wear a mask. But you've enforced girls to cover up for years! If a girl is wearing a tank top and you can send her home. Then you can send a kid home for not wearing a mask!!


#8 Double standards of society

If you're religious and wouldn't go to an LGBTQ wedding. But would go to a wedding where they served alcohol or you knew the couple had premarital sex. You're not using your religion as an excuse not to show up. You just homophobic


#9 Gender equality exists? What a joke

The fact that women could have their nudes leaked and their whole career could potentially be destroyed. But men, could have a whole ass @ape allegation and still be the President of the United States. I never wanna hear you'll argue, that gender inequality doesn't exist


#10 Fair enough, no?

If women can't have abortions. Then the government needs to stop wasting $85M prescribing Viagra for broken d**s. God broke your D the consequences of life. Broken Ds are a natural way of life, just like babies. No abortion for women? No more fix a broke d**k pill for men... Seems Fair!


#11 The world and its expectations from women, so tiring..

If my man pays for lunch I'll buy dinner. If he pays for the movie tickets I'll get the snacks. If he buys me a pair of shoes, I'll get him a nice suit. If he's having a bad day, I'll be there for him. Stop expecting him to treat you like a queen when you can't treat him like a king!

#12 Oh God, a big fat YES!!!

There is literally no rule, that says you have to get married and start a family. Normalize splitting a mansion with your 5 best friends and 10 dogs!



#13 Why so difficult to understand?

If she's too young to be wearing that. Then she's too young to be sexualized. Leave young girls alone for dressing comfortably for the weather. In the winter they wear sweaters. And in the summer they wear tank top and shorts. Why is that such a radical concept???

#14 Ponder

If you don't like girls with stretch marks. Think of how many stretch marks you have your mother when she carried you in her womb for nine months. And how none of them were worth it because you grew up & turned out to be an idiot


#15 Finally someone said this

Men are [email protected] too and it's a very serious problem. But if the only time you talk about male survivors is when you're interrupting women talking about their experiences with sexual assault do not pretend as you care about male survivors


#16 100%

I am so sick of the normalization of the phrase: "Can't make a wife out of a h**". Funny, that there is no equivalent for men so I figured let's make some. Can't make a husband out of a [email protected] Can't make a father out of a loser. Can't make a boyfriend out of a bellend. Can't make a partner out of a perpetrator. Can't make a fiance out of the f**kboy. Can't make a husband out of a misogynist


#17 Who on Earth even set these beauty standards?

Girls with straight hair, curl it and girls with curly hair, straighten it. White girls get spray tan and dark girls are encouraged to look lighter. Thick girls want to lose weight and thin girls want to look thick. I'm starting to wonder if our standard of beauty is anything... but who we are

#18 Words to mark by

I've seen men leave 5/10 year relationships. And turn around and marry a woman that they've only know for 6 months. And then do all the things that their ex always wanted them to do. Word of advice... Stop preaching to these men. They hear you...They are not going to be the man that you want them to be. Because you're not the woman they want to be with. People change for who they want. Period!!


#19 As simple as that

question: Science says homosexuality is unnatural. That's why they all die of aids
answer: Humans are deuterostomes which means that when they develop in a womb the anus develops before any other opening does. Which basically means that at one point you were nothing but an as***e. Thank you for proving the point that some people never develop beyond that stage

#20 Reality

Yes post a picture on Instagram and get 20 likes. You post the same picture on your story and get over 200 likes. Moral of the story: Most people don't like you, but they are watching you