Woman Praised After Charging Husband $250 A Month For ‘Cleaning Service’

By Aleena in Life Style Published On 22nd August 2023

Meet Brianna, the creative TikToker known as @themamabrianna. She's getting kudos for using satire to highlight important relationship issues.

Brianna shared a funny story in her latest viral video, watched by a whopping 7 million people.

She explained how she managed to keep a few hundred dollars from her husband sneakily. He thought he was paying for a house cleaner!

The woman explained how she charges her husband $250 a month for her cleaning services - but he doesn't have a clue it's actually her. Credit: TikTok/@themamabrianna

With a sly grin, Brianna spilled the beans: her husband hands over $250 every month, thinking it's for a professional "deep cleaning" service. But it's Brianna's clever way of handling the finances.

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Under the caption "anyone got an expensive hobby recommendation?", she playfully shared in the video: "On the first of every month, $250 comes out of my husband's bank account.

"It's for our house cleaner. The house gets deep cleaned on the first of every month."


She continued, revealing the backstory: "Back when I was pregnant a few years ago and dealing with morning sickness that felt like a roller coaster, I asked my husband for some extra help. You see, I was tossing my cookies about 10 times a day while also trying to take care of our one-year-old."

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"At the time, my husband said it wasn't in our budget. But a few months ago, he asked if I still wanted to have a regular house cleaner."

Of course, she agreed.

"I told him I'd get it all set up," she explained, "And that I just needed $250 cash monthly to pay her."

However, she decided to keep a little secret from her husband: she would become the cleaner herself. 


Since that agreement, she's been quietly collecting the $250 each month after diligently deep-cleaning the house – just as a professional cleaner would have done.

"I think I'll use that cash to find myself a new, expensive hobby... my husband doesn't seem to mind those," she then added.

She provided a resource for those who may be suffering at the hands of domestic violence. Credit: TikTok/@themamabrianna

But at the end of the video, she included: "If you feel the need to hide money from your partner to plan your escape, check the resource in my bio," alongside a link to the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

The mom's video quickly went viral, garnering over 6.7 million views and lots of praise for her clever tactic.


"I knew there was a reason I was seeing this video. As a survivor thank you for getting this message out," one follower wrote.

And another said: "I didn't realise how privileged my world view was until my first thought was: 'She's saving to gift him something big,' not 'She needs out'."

While a third pointed out: "Sad how I immediately knew it was for a way out. I say the cleaner raises prices to $500 monthly starting this month."

Others even suggested tips of their own to those suffering at the hands of domestic violence, with one saying: "Buy groceries and get cash back.

Viewers noted that Brianna’s videos are typically satire in order to raise awareness for resources meant for people in abusive relationships. (Image: Getty Images)

"Buy stuff and return for cash or gift cards. Those gift cards will come in handy for groceries or house items later."

"As a professional house cleaner, I feel you STRONGLY need to increase your house cleaners pay. Far too cheap ;)," someone else chimed in.

"From some one who works at a domestic abuse shelter thank you for what you do!" one person praised.