Woman's Mid-Flight ‘Criminal Act’ To Get To The Window Seat Leaves Passengers Disgusted

Posted by Aleena in Fails On 19th June 2022

An airline passenger used social media to criticize a lady for crawling over other passengers to get to her window seat, sparking a heated debate on travel etiquette.



After being caught on camera hopping over other travelers to get to her seat on a plane, a woman has sparked a heated debate online.

After fellow traveler Brandon filmed and uploaded a video on Twitter, the airline passenger was slammed for her "criminal activity."

"The most criminal activity I've ever seen on an airplane," he said.

"This woman was hopping over other passengers the whole seven-hour flight."


The woman, outfitted in what appear to be pajama pants, a short-sleeved blouse, and a pair of socks, stood in the aisle, asking a passenger if she might pass from their seat in the 19-second footage.

She crosses over three passengers and onto the opposite side of the plane by stepping on the armrests and holding on to the headrests.

After that, she returns to her window seat.

Some people agreed with Brandon's judgment and called it a "BIG NO."


A viewer wrote: "Wait. She couldn't walk around? Where are the flight attendants? No one told her NO!? Oh hell no."

A second joked that it's the perfect timing for turbulence to kick in.

"Nobody's going to talk about those filthy socks and the fact that she's flying in pajamas?" said one who was shocked by the woman's attire.



Others ridiculed Brandon for "not flying much," sharing some of the "disgusting" things they'd seen on planes.

Nevertheless, given the sardine-packed seats on current planes, several agreed she was well within her rights.

"If that’s the 'most' criminal activity you’ve seen on a flight, you obviously haven’t flown much," a Twitter user commented.

"Just be thankful there wasn’t a 'Karen' onboard, or some snot factory sitting next to you or kicking your seat. Better luck on your return flight."


Another added: "You’ve quite obviously never flown long haul. If you fly business class the airline often provides pyjamas and socks."

“I was doing that 20 years before you were born when I travelled on 707s,” Alexander Hall wrote.

“I thought it was easier for me as a teenager to get to my seat than to ask the adults to move. They never complained or bollocked me.”