Woman Shows Little-Known iPhone 'Hack' That Could Save Your Life In Kidnapping

By Khadija Pervez in Science and Technology Published On 6th September 2023

You might feel confident in your iPhone skills, considering yourself quite adept at using this popular piece of technology.

Additionally, you might assume that the features of the iPhone are widely known by most users.


However, one woman is showcasing an iPhone "hack" that seems to be unknown to a significant number of users.

This isn't just an ordinary hack, it has the potential to save a life in the event of an emergency.

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She told her TikTok followers to quickly set it up on their Apple devices if they haven't already because it's really useful if you're in danger.

The video showing this trick has become incredibly popular, with over 11 million views on an account that has only 9,000 followers.


She explained that she had shown this handy trick to people who didn't know about it before, so now she's sharing it with even more people.

For her, it’s a very important feature because of the phobia she revealed: “Ok you guys, I’m constantly scared about getting kidnapped. Getting kidnapped is my biggest fear."

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“And it says ‘emergency SOS’ and then it immediately, if you let it go and don’t press cancel like I just did, it automatically calls emergency services."

“You can set up your emergency people and it’ll automatically send them a message that you need help and it’ll send them your location where you’re at.”


The woman's co-host was equally amazed by this feature, and like her, had no prior knowledge that it even existed.

You can configure this on your iPhone by going to the settings and then selecting "Emergency SOS."

In these settings, you have the option to enable the emergency call function with either five button presses or the "Call with Hold and Release" method.

With the latter method, if you keep holding the side button and one of the volume buttons, it will start a countdown and sound an alarm. Once the countdown finishes, if you release these buttons, it will automatically call emergency services.


This information has received significant attention, accumulating approximately 624,000 likes and over 5,000 comments. While some commenters mentioned they were already aware of this feature, it was evident that others had no prior knowledge of it.

One person said: “What? I never heard of this.”

While that sentiment was echoed by someone else who wrote: “Why isn’t this common knowledge? I didn’t know that.”

A third added: “Dude, I didn’t know this and had to try to see if it works. Lol. It does.”


Some though admitted they had only discovered the hidden feature by accident.

One commentator wrote: “I accidentally did this on a drunk night and the next morning my family and cops came to my house. I was so confused. I felt so bad, I scared them.”

While another revealed: “I did this when I was trying to snooze my alarm and I woke up to the 911 operator.”

It seems, if other comments are accurate, that the feature also works on android phones.

A commentator wrote: “It works on android too,” while another also said “Android does it too”.