Woman Sits On Mans's Face In Chaotic Viral Workout Video

By Haider Ali in Cringey On 13th July 2022

A fellow gym-goer accidentally squatted directly onto a man's face, not realizing he was behind her, leaving him speechless.

Samuel Stratis, an Australian, has his phone set up to take videos of himself doing dumbell pullovers.

In the video he put on TikTok, he says: "I was just trying to film my set in a new gym, and then this happened."

On the other side of the room, a woman in grey shorts picks up another dumbbell as she prepares for a squat while seeing herself in the mirror while leaning backward on the bench.

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Without realizing Samuel is working out behind her, she backs up a few paces, squats, and unintentionally sits on his face.

Sam drops his dumbbell in surprise and quickly turns aside as the woman gets startled.

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Twitter reacted to the video hilariously

One said: "That's another way to be vabbing in the gym."

"Bro was traumatized," a second wrote and a third asked: "Why wouldn't you take a glance behind you at the bench to make sure there's no one on it before you squat though?"

Samuel's choice of footwear in a gym diverted the attention of others.

"Is anybody going to comment about him wearing UGGs?" one mentioned.

A second laughed that, on top of the embarrassing encounter, the pair of fleece boots gave him "extra warmth."

Unexpectedly, the footwear brand UGG said, "Well that's a first for us."