Woman Storms Off Set After Host Pulls Down Her Top On Live TV

By maks in Showbiz On 26th May 2024

Yola Berrocal, once famed for having the largest breasts in Spain, went through an unsettling experience during a live TV interview in 2014.

This event has recently resurfaced online and has quickly spread, amassing over 2.3 million views.

At the age of 46, Berrocal was speaking during a live broadcast.

During the interview, the host accidentally tugged on her dress, which led to the exposure of her left breast.

The host gestures and pulls down her dress, leaving her embarrassed Credit: Telecinco

This incident visibly shook Berrocal, and she was seen hastily fixing her dress to cover up.

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This action made Berrocal face the mortifying moment again.

In an attempt to shield herself from further humiliation, she stood in front of the screen, trying to block it with her body.

She immediately pulls up her dress to protect herself but the clip is then played on a big screen Credit: Telecinco

People had varied reactions to this incident.

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Some insensitively implied that Berrocal should have been ashamed, while others condemned the host's behavior, deeming it not only inappropriate but disrespectful as well.

Supporters rallied around Berrocal, commending her efforts to preserve her dignity in such a trying situation.

One supporter expressed their thoughts, saying: "What he did wasn't funny, if she had belted him one he'd have deserved it."

Another said: "Personally I respect and support her because she tried to keep her honour. I don’t respect the other people in this studio."

Here she is seen trying to shield her exposed breast, with a clip being replayed on a big screen Credit: Telecinco

This episode sheds light on the pressing issues of consent and respect in media engagements, particularly regarding the treatment of women in the entertainment sector.

It starkly reminds us that adhering to professional boundaries and honoring personal space are essential, even in seemingly informal settings like TV interviews.

As more people watch and talk about this clip, it reinforces the ongoing discussion about the necessity of stricter safeguards for public figures to protect them against such infringements.

Who is Yola Berrocal?

Yolanda del Prado Pascual Berrocal, known as Yola Berrocal, was born on September 15, 1970.

As a Spanish media personality, she has pursued careers in dancing, singing, and acting. 

Yola, the daughter of mining engineer Manuel Pascual and decorator María del Rosario Berrocal, was raised in Pozuelo de Alarcón in Madrid and studied Dramatic Art.

Her television debut came in 1994 on the show ¿Cómo lo veis? hosted by Joaquín Prat, where she appeared with her family as a contestant.

She went on to dance on the show Risas y estrellas, hosted by José Luis Moreno, in 1997.

After a high-profile claim of being the girlfriend of the media-focal Padre Apeles, she landed on the cover of Interviú magazine in March 1998.

In 2001, she co-founded the musical group Sex Bomb with Malena Gracia and Sonia Monroy, and in 2003, she won the Telecinco reality show Hotel Glam.

Known for frequent appearances in gossip magazines, Berrocal has also undergone multiple breast augmentations.

Her career continued with a second Interviú cover in February 2006, where she famously declared: "I am going to put big tits in fashion in Spain."

That summer, she ran for mayor of Marbella under her own party, Yola Independiente Liberal (YIL), promoting herself with the slogan "Marbella, because Yola is worth it."

Santiago Segura brought her on as a contributor to his program Sabías a lo que venías on LaSexta in 2007, where she shared her opinions on books she had read.

She appeared on Sálvame in June 2009.

In 2012, Berrocal formed another musical group, Atrevidas, with Sonia Monroy, and covered Sabrina's "Boys (Summertime Love)".

Since then, she has been active as a nightclub promoter and has endorsed mobile games on her Twitter account.

She has assisted Santiago Segura in various television programs, appearing in nearly 60 shows.

In 2016, she competed in Supervivientes, finishing in 2nd place.

In 2004, artist Antonio Ortega featured her in a unique project at the Fundació Joan Miró, where he opened an office during an exhibition to fund the creation of her wax figure.