Woman Sues P0rn Company After Accidentally Servicing Her Brother During A "Glory Hole" Scene

By Michael Avery in Bizarre On 24th August 2015


LOS ANGELES, California AVN reports that Madeline Madison is suing Come-And-Go Productions after an incident on the set of Milk Maids 2 that resulted in her, the suit states, unknowingly performing fellatio on her brother through a glory hole.

Madison is seeking $3.2 million dollars and a new Corvette in the lawsuit.

"The producers wouldn't let me meet the man I was sucking off beforehand," Madison told AVN. "Which I found odd, because normally we always meet and greet our scene partner. I like to make an emotional connection with my fellow actor before a scene. I even try to quickly fall in love with them, if I can, as it makes my job so much easier for me if I'm truly in love with the man I'm about ready to f**k."


Madison is convinced she wasn't allowed to meet her co-star because Come-And-Go has produced many incestuous-themed films they distribute exclusively to Japan. It is common knowledge that both she and her brother, Chuck Tang, work in the industry.

"The company doesn't show real incest with past titles, but with me and my little brother being known, they've now caught real incest on camera which will make them billions in Japan, " Madison said. "The Japanese love incest."

Madison added: "I only got $100 dollars for my scene and I'm going to suffer a lifetime of emotional distress requiring costly psychological and psychiatric help. I've even lost my sobriety. I'm eventually gonna need to pay for rehab, in a couple years. I can't even look my brother in the eye. My life is ruined."

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Come-And-Go refutes Madison's claim, stating she had prior knowledge she would be in a glory hole scene with her brother.

"She's a liar," director Jameel Mendoza said. "Ms. Madison will do anything for money. We normally would have paid a third-rate talent like her $25 for a single glory hole scene, but we agreed to $100 because it was with her brother. Let's not forget this is the same girl who allowed herself to be penetrated by the head of a dead Anaconda in Snake Hole. She has no moral standards."

Madison's brother said he would not sue Come-And-Go and doesn't know if Madison had prior-knowledge of their scene. He said he doesn't remember if he was told or not.

"I feel bad Maddy's so upset about this," Tang said. "But it doesn't bother me. Just another blowjob. Hell, I'd probably f**k her too if I could wear a blindfold. At the end of the day, pussy is pussy."