Woman Uses Period Blood As Face Mask To Maintain Looks – And Now She's Selling It To Others

By maks in Life Style On 31st March 2024

At 22 years old, she doesn't just follow any beauty regimen; she uses her menstrual blood as a face mask.

This model and TikTok user, Xehli G, practices a distinct facial routine aimed at preserving her "youthful looks."

Xehli G is selling her period blood to others (Image: Mariana Ayumi / CO – Press Office)

She has openly shared that her choice of a face mask is none other than her menstrual blood.

Concerned with maintaining her skin in top condition, she's willing to try unconventional methods to achieve her beauty goals.

However, her skincare routine might not appeal to everyone.

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She shared her thoughts, saying: "Who doesn't want to always look beautiful and healthy? I'm like that and I believe many people are too."

"The difference is that I use some different methods."

The 22-year-old just wants to maintain her youthful looks (Image: Mariana Ayumi / CO – Press Office)

For Xehli G, using her own blood as a face mask is not just a personal choice but also an act of environmental conservation.


She considers it to be "eco-friendly."

Stating: "I don't need to use plastic, I don't throw anything away."

"It's me taking care of myself with what my body offers," she explained.

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The model, who has gained over 500,000 followers, has even begun to collect her menstrual blood to sell online.

Despite the mixed reactions to her business idea, she believes she's offering a helping hand to others.

She shared the venture on her social media (Image: Mariana Ayumi / CO – Press Office)

She elaborated: "People should do what they think is best for them. I notice the differences in my face and I like the result."

"I read a lot of messages saying: 'Wow, I think only your period can solve my problem'."

"Not so, I found the solution. Now anyone who buys it can have perfect, smooth skin, like mine."


While some health experts don't support this practice, Xehli G stands by its effectiveness.

Describing her method, she mentioned: "Simply apply the mask with a brush."

"I reserve the blood right after it is stored in the menstrual cup and dilute the contents with other products specific to the face."

"It's a limited-edition. Be quick, get yours and enjoy."