Woman Waxes Legs On Crowded Bus As Commuters Film Stomach-Turning Footage

By Aleena in Bizarre On 27th October 2023
Image: Jam Press Vid

In Bogota, Colombia, there was this crazy scene on a packed bus. A lady decided to do some strange grooming right there on the bus.

People couldn't believe it! She was super chill, waxing her legs and chatting on her phone.

Someone recorded it, and, you won't believe it, the video went viral, racking up a million views!

The people on the bus had mixed reactions – some stared in surprise, while others looked away.

A nearby busker, hoping for spare change, couldn't hide their amazement, saying, "I can't believe it."

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Another woman exclaims: "How disgusting!" To which the leg-waxing woman cheekily replies: "If you don't like it, take a cab."

Social media users were left divided over the clip, as one bloke commented: "I don't understand why people idolise these behaviours.

They like the brash, confrontational woman who waxes on public transport and disturbs others. Is she a role model to follow? Ridiculous."

Image: Jam Press Vid
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"And using wax strips to remove hair is not disgusting and doesn't bother anyone or invade their personal space. The smell of sweat and body odour from the majority of 'normal' people is more bothersome."

A fourth simply observed: "There are people who need attention just because."

In a world where people sometimes do their personal grooming in public, it's a clear reminder that there's a thin line between what we do for ourselves and what's appropriate for everyone.

They totally spark debates, generate amusement, and sometimes even make people go like, "What?!"

It just shows how different people can be in the same places, you know? Whether you're shocked or totally fascinated, one thing's for sure: these weird moments keep grabbing our attention, making us think about how far we can go with grooming ourselves in public.